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Ownership Details


You may already know that the legacy of The Balsams began in 1866. In 1916, fifty years later, the Hampshire House, known at the time as the new wing, was completed. The renaissance now underway to revive The Balsams is marked by the 100-year anniversary of the Hampshire House and our introduction of the Century Club. The rebirth of The Balsams will be one that celebrates a storied past while offering a refreshing take on the resort experience – from modern amenities to world class meals with locally sourced ingredients. Our unique resort campus design allows you to ditch the car and spend more time greeting the morning sun with lakeshore yoga, exploring 11,000 acres of pristine wilderness, or just melting away your stress at the Hälsa Nordic Hot Baths and Spa.

Within the Dix House and Hampshire House there will be a variety of fully furnished and luxuriously appointed residences available for ownership. The purchase is for a divided interest (100 days of use per year) in a specific condominium unit. This comes with a deed and title and can be resold by the owner at any time. The 100 days equates to use of the residence in up to weeklong stays with a minimum of 5 summer weeks, 5 winter weeks, 2 spring weeks and 2 fall weeks. Great flexibility for owners has been built into the program with the option to swap weeks or add weeks. Our prices range from $100,000 to $140,000 for a one-bedroom residence, $160,000 to $220,000 for a two-bedroom and between $200,000 to $320,000 for a two-bedroom suite. A limited number of three-bedroom suites are also available. Pricing is based on floor, view, configuration and several other factors, making each residence unique.

As more residences are built in the coming years, 100% of your initial purchase price and Century Club benefits will be applied to future real estate offerings. These offerings may include slopeside, fairway, and lakeside homes.

For owners that elect not to use their residence the full 100 days each year, we have created a Cost Reduction Program. When you enroll your residency in the Program for 50 days, the resort operator will pay your HOA fees for the year. When you enroll your residence in the Program for 80 days the resort operator will pay all your carrying costs for the year including HOA fees, taxes, and membership dues. This way you will have the option to eliminate all the annual carrying costs.

Century Club property owners will receive membership benefits. The benefits for a one-bedroom purchase include:

  • Ski – 2 seasons passes for 10 years (4/yr for 2BR and 6/yr for 3BR)
  • Balsams Nordic Baths and Spa & Spa – 10 passes for 10 years (20/yr for 2BR and 30/yr for 3BR)
  • Panorama Golf Course – 10 rounds for 10 years (20/yr for 2BR and 30/yr for 3BR)
  • Friends ski benefits – 10 lift tickets at 50% off per year for 10 years
  • Optional ski storage in the Gondola Building for $100 per year for 10 years
  • Access to the Century Club Social Room
  • Priority dining in the mid-mountain restaurant
  • 10% off Purely Balsams products
  • 10% off Balsams full retail and restaurants (excluding alcohol)

If you are among the first 150 owners, you will also be entitled to becoming a Century Club Founder, which means you receive all of the standard Century Club benefits PLUS Founder status including:

  • Recognition on a Founder’s plaque in the Historic Dix House
  • Founder’s name plate on performing arts center seat
  • Priority access to performing arts center events
  • Lifetime free valet parking while in residence
  • Preferred golf tee times
  • Lifetime enrollment in our first-tracks ski program (2 for 1BR, 4 for 2BR)
  • Free ski storage in the Gondola Building for 10 years (2 pairs for 1BR, 4 pairs for 2BR)