DISCLOSURE | The Balsams Resort


The Hampshire House Condominium and the Century Club are being developed by Balsams Resort Properties, LLC (“Developer”). The Developer is the owner of certain property located at and known as the Hampshire House and the Dix House located at the Balsams Resort (“Resort”) in the Town of Dixville, Coos County, State of New Hampshire, which Developer intends to redevelop, renovate and convert into a condominium named “Hampshire House Condominium,” to be established pursuant to N.H. R.S.A. 356-B (the “Project”), with residential units in the Project to be offered and sold in a fractional form of ownership as described in Ownership, together with membership in The Century Club, a private membership club being established by the Seller as more specifically described in Ownership.

The Project and The Century Club Units have not been registered with the New Hampshire Consumer and Antitrust Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office, Department of Justice, and until such registration has occurred only non-binding reservation agreements may be accepted.

Only non-binding reservations to purchase The Century Club Units are being offered at this time. The deposit made upon signing a non-binding reservation is refundable at any time upon request and the reservation may be cancelled at any time and for any reason, or without reason, by the purchaser without penalty.

Information and plans pertaining to the proposed development of the Project as described on this website, together with depictions of improvements, amenities, privileges, land uses and public and private facilities related to the Project and The Century Club (“Improvements”) are conceptual only, with development of the Improvements being subject to governmental approvals and market factors. The development of the Project and the Improvements is expected to take many years and development plans will likely be modified from time to time to respond to varying market conditions and changes in circumstances, such that the Developer reserves the right to modify or abandon plans for the proposed development (in whole or in part) at any time without notice. Nothing in these materials obligates Developer or any other entity to build any facilities or Improvements described herein, and there is no guarantee that any described proposed development or Improvements will be implemented. Some or all of the proposed amenities and Improvements described on this website have not yet been constructed. No guarantee is made that the features, amenities and Improvements described will be built, or, if built, will be the same type, size, or nature as described. The information and materials described herein, together with any communication made or given in connection with any of the foregoing, is not a representation or warranty and may not otherwise be relied upon as such.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Prior to making any legally binding commitment to purchase any Century Club Units, the Developer will provide you with a detailed offering statement, prospectus and property report as required by New Hampshire law and any other applicable law. You should read that report carefully before signing any legally binding commitments to purchase The Century Club Units.

No federal or state agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of the Project or The Century Club Units. Information contained in this website does not constitute an offer to sell real estate, and the information and materials contained herein are intended to provide only general information about our proposed plans.

This is not intended to be an offer to sell nor a solicitation of offers to buy Century Club Units by residents of New York, New Jersey, Idaho, Illinois, Oregon or Hawaii, or any other jurisdiction where prior registration is required or where otherwise prohibited by law.

The offering statement, prospectus and property report made available prior to conversion of non-binding reservations to binding purchase and sale agreements, and prior to any other binding legal commitment being requested of potential purchasers, will contain a detailed description of the improvements, amenities, land uses, privileges and public and private facilities associated with The Century Club Units being offered, and will conspicuously disclose any that are not required to be built prior to closing on The Century Club Units. For Massachusetts residents, please note that such improvements will be labeled “NEED NOT BE BUILT.” For Rhode Island residents, please note that THIS IS NOT AN OFFERING PROTECTED BY THE RHODE ISLAND REAL ESTATE TIME-SHARE ACT.