Resort Ownership | The Balsams Resort

“We were overjoyed to hear that we would be able to come back to our ‘home’ away from home! We will be able to leave this legacy to our girls to share with their families and continue to build memories of a lifetime.”
– Karen C., Wrentham MA      Founder at The Balsams

Introducing the Century Club.
Our first guests arrived 150 years ago and since then The Balsams evolved to set the bar for the elegant, all-season resort. Sadly, it didn’t keep up with the needs and desires of a changing market. But the stunning natural beauty and some previously undiscovered attributes remained – such as the potential to be the biggest and most varied ski resort in the East. While staying faithful to our legendary history, we’re recreating The Balsams as a resort for the 21st Century – and beyond. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Hampshire House, we’re giving it a glorious renovation – and for a short time, we are offering you the rare opportunity to own a part of it. Ownership has never been offered before at The Balsams, and already over 100 families have decided to join us as Founders.

A unique take on resort ownership.
The rebirth of The Balsams features a completely new kind of resort ownership opportunity. Ownership of a fully-furnished luxury residence in the historic Hampshire or Dix Houses includes membership in the Century Club and exclusive Founder Benefits. We’ve even developed a way to reduce, or eliminate, all of the yearly fees typically associated with resort ownership. It will be a legacy for your whole family and can be tailored just for you. What could be more spectacular than an 11,000 acre family heirloom?

What does it mean to be a Founder? Meet a few of them here.
Be our guest!
We’ve had the pleasure of hosting over a hundred families who have decided to join us as Founders. Now it’s your turn to see first-hand why The Balsams has been a retreat for generations. Call us, won’t you? Come up, enjoy the hospitality, meet the team and see the vision.